Your Guide to Debunk

5 Common Nutrition Myths

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Are you Ready for the FACTS?

You've heard and seen it all - in conversations with family and friends, on social media, in a news article, in a blog post, while at the doctor's office, the list goes on and on!

You're probably asking yourself, how do I know what sources to trust?

This guide contains evidence-based information to provide clarity so you can check the facts and begin to make informed food and health decisions.

In this guide, you'll learn:

The Most Common Nutrition Myths in Society

The Evidence to Support or Negate those Myths

How to Begin Navigating Nutrition Information

About Nikki

Nikki Fata, MPH, RDN, LDN, CEDS

Nikki Fata is an anti-diet registered dietitian and certified eating disorders specialist (CEDS), and entrepreneur based in Chicago, IL.

She began her journey with food and nutrition by supporting those with diagnosed eating and mood disorders in treatment center settings, helping them get back on their feet and learn to nourish their bodies while challenging negative thoughts and behaviors.

Nikki quickly learned that for most people, food stuff was complicated. In 2020, Nikki launched her private practice, Nutrition with N, PLLC, with the primary goal to expand her reach and support a wider population of people on their individual journeys to navigating their health and well-being.

Nikki is driven by her mission to empower individuals to cultivate a healthy and positive relationship with food. Through education, guidance, and support, she strives to help all clients make informed choices, develop a deeper understanding of their nutritional needs, and foster a more mindful and enjoyable approach to eating.

Furthermore, Nikki believes that everyone deserves to have a nourishing and satisfying relationship with food, and she is committed to helping all clients achieve this goal.

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